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The role of the clearing device

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1. This machine is mainly used to clean the super-flying objects in the welding torch gas protection sleeve generated by the automatic welding of the robot during the working process to ensure the long-term unimpeded gas, effectively block the air from entering the welding zone, and protect the welding solution pool. Weld quality.
2. Clean up the dust generated by the welding fumes on the conductive nozzles.
3. Unblock the protective gas outlet hole on the connecting pipe.
4. Spray the protective cover with high temperature and anti-blocking, reduce the dead adhesion of the welding slag to the holster and the nozzle, and increase the durability.
5, solve the following problems in the manual cleanup:
(1) Reduce the workload of production personnel.
(2) Avoid manual cleaning and not affect the welding quality on time.
(3) Avoid manual cleaning and repeated disassembly and assembly of the protective sleeve to wear the connecting thread between the protective sleeve and the connecting tube, prolong the use time and reduce the cost.
(3) Avoid the installation of evil gas shields due to thread wear, and the gas deflection leads to protection failure
| Function
A. The role of the torch gas protection sleeve is to guide the shielding gas, shield and block the air from entering the welding pool, prevent the flammable gas in the air from deflagrating in the high temperature molten pool to produce welding pores, destroy the quality of the weld, and clear the gun The role is to ensure that the punctual cleaning is adhered to the protective sleeve to destroy the welding slag of the gas shield and the anti-stick oil is sprayed regularly to reduce the welding slag adhesion holster.
B. The clearing device is the logistics soldier of the welding system, which provides a strong guarantee for the stability of welding quality.
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