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How to Choose Cleaner Reamer

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The cleaning principle of the gun cleaner mainly relies on reamer entering the protective cover of the welding gun and cleaning the welding slag adhering to the inner wall of the gun by rotating to ensure the continuous and stable output of the protective gas of the welding gun.

But the choice of reamer for clearing welding slag of gun cleaner is required. The size of reamer for cleaning gun in the industry is 0.5mm~1mm, the outer diameter of reamer is less than the inner diameter of welding gun sleeve.

Within the normal working range of the reamer, the nearer the outer diameter of the reamer is to the inner diameter of the holster, the cleaner the welding slag of the holster is. But at the same time, because the clearance of reamer holster is too small, the procedure of adjusting and clearing gun requires relatively higher concentricity of welding gun holster and reamer. When there is a certain gap between the reamer outer diameter and the inner diameter of the welding torch holster (greater than 0.5mm), the difficulty of the adjustment procedure will be reduced. In this range, the purpose of cleaning welding slag can be guaranteed. Users can choose suitable reamers according to the actual situation.