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Why the welding quality is not ideal

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1. Equipment factors

The performance of welding machine directly affects the quality of welding. If the performance of the welder itself is unstable, the arc thrust of the welder is insufficient and the current and voltage are unstable, which can not guarantee the normal arc initiation and welding in the welding process, and the welding construction can not be carried out normally.

2. Irrational regulation of welding current

The regulation of welding current plays an important role in welding quality. High current welding can increase production efficiency and penetration, but it is easy to produce defects such as welding nodules, burnout, undercut and poor forming. Especially when the vertical welding operation, the molten pool is difficult to control, the arc length will increase, and the undercut defects will occur. With low current welding, the arc penetration is weakened, and welding defects such as incomplete penetration, incompatibility and slag inclusion are easy to occur.

3. The influence of welding speed

Welding speed is an important parameter affecting the welding quality of products. The welding speed is too fast, the temperature of molten pool is not enough, the weld and base metal are not fully penetrated, and it is easy to produce defects such as incomplete fusion, incomplete penetration and poor weld formation. The welding speed is too slow, the temperature of the molten pool remains high, the welding slag is easy to reverse flow, slag inclusion defects are produced, the width of heat affected zone is increased, the grain size of welded joints and heat affected zone is coarsened, the mechanical properties are reduced, and the welding deformation is increased.

4. Arc length

In the process of welding, the formation of weld can be controlled by controlling arc length reasonably. The arc is too long to protect the melted metal effectively. The gas in the air invades the melting pool and causes the gas hole defect in the weld. It not only reduces the mechanical properties of the weld, but also fails the inspection of the weld. The arc is too short, the pressure of the arc on the base metal surface increases, the melted metal is affected by thrust, the forming is poor, and the argon arc welding is easier to lead.

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