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Plasma, laser cutting machine blow suction dust removal method

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Metal cutting is an indispensable process in the machining industry. Plasma, laser cutting and flame cutting machines are common in the factory floor, but no matter which cutting machine produces great smoke during the operation, these cutting fumes are the same as welding fumes. Not only does it have serious harm to the human body, but it also causes damage to the air environment. Therefore, in the previous environmental remediation, the workshop cutting dust purification equipment is also the focus of inspection.
The core principle of the cleaning of the dust of the cutting machine and the cleaning of the welding fume have similarities. The filter element is placed in the main machine, and the high-precision filtering hole of the filter element is used to intercept the dust particles in the dusty air flowing through, and the purified air is purified. When the cutter duster is discharged, there will be 15m high-altitude pipeline for organized discharge. The detection of the preset detection port of the pipeline also meets the requirements of 30mg/m3 for organized dust emission in environmental protection regulations. In general, there is basically no problem in environmental protection inspection. .
The difference between the cutter dust collector and the general solder smoke purifier is the soot adsorption device. The cutting machine dust collector produced by Huaxin uses a suction-type soot adsorption structure: a sliding suction channel is arranged on one side of the cutting platform, and an air suction port which can move synchronously with the cutting machine is assembled on the upper side; The air outlet of the flow fan maintains a straight line between the air outlet and the air inlet and the cutter head.
A suction duct is also provided in the lower part of the cutting machine platform, so that effective air extraction can be performed within the cutting head range. In this way, when the cutting machine dust collector is started, the dust is blown to the air suction port through the air outlet of the air outlet, and the air exhaust port under the cutting platform can be used to effectively absorb the smoke generated by the cutting.
The cutting machine platform is large, and the soot is scattered. Therefore, the cutting dust is more difficult to capture than the general welding smoke. Although there are many smoking methods applied to the cutting machine, it is still sucking from the actual effect. The dust removal method is the most efficient.
Moreover, the blow-up type dust removal system has a simple structure, and the consumption of the material is small, and the factory does not require additional maintenance in the later stage, and the factory is more convenient.