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How to choose the welding room dust removal system?

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The dust removal in the welding room is the basic requirement of the environmental protection department for the welding workshop. Under the strict environmental protection situation, the welding room needs to reduce the indoor welding smoke concentration to below 6mg/m3. Otherwise, it is regarded as unqualified sewage discharge, and it is accepted by the environmental protection department. A ticket issued.
Therefore, since last year, factories with welded houses have started to purchase and install welding fume purifier equipment in order to smoothly cope with irregular environmental protection surprise inspections and normal production.
The factory purchases welding fume dust removal equipment and starts to buy mobile welding fume purifiers. Because this single-machine dedusting equipment is cheaper, it can effectively purify the welding fumes generated by a single welding point, and the general quality is qualified by regular manufacturers. It can be used for 1 year to change the filter element, the running cost is low, and most importantly, the dust concentration of the welded house purified by the dust removal equipment is less than 5mg/m3, which fully meets the environmental inspection standard, and the environmental protection requirements are not so detailed. It should be enough to check.
However, the dust removal equipment in the stand-alone situation cannot meet the dust removal requirements of large welded houses, and it is often necessary to use a centralized dust removal system for welding fume treatment. This is because the large welded houses produce large and large workpieces, and the second is due to the new environmental protection requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency.
There are many welding stations in large welding rooms, and the amount of welding fumes generated is large. The dust filter elements required for budget are generally more than 20, and some even hundreds; the workpiece size is not fixed, and the solder joints are scattered, requiring a large dust collecting cover. Some welding rooms are also equipped with laser cutting machines, and the generated soot also needs to be treated together; in addition to the existence of mechanical devices such as workshop transportation, the required dust removal equipment is preferably customized according to the actual situation of the welding room, and the centralized dust removal system is just right. With the above characteristics, the assembly of the entire dust removal system depends entirely on the welding needs.
And the centralized dust removal system also has a 15m high-altitude discharge pipeline for the final exhaust emission. The organized emission of such waste gas treatment is the hard requirement of the current environmental protection bureau for large-scale welding workshops. The concentration of soot in the discharge pipeline is not more than 30mg/m3. Meet environmental standards.
The above is the difference between the advantages of two different dust removal devices, users can choose according to their own situation.